European Touches ~ Vol. 4 ~ Berlin
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Finally, after three posts of „European BS“ a.k.a. places you maybe never happen to visit, I want to tease

you with some info about three amazing bike shops in Berlin.

Some of you might have been to Berlin before and maybe some of you are thinking about going – and let

me tell you, you really should go and spent time over here – this city is buzzing!

And if all the sight-seeing and partying leaves time for an afternoon of bike shop hopping,

these would be the places worth checking out:


My first stop was at Keirin Berlin in the „Kreuzberg“ district, just across from subway-station

„Schlesisches Tor“. I went there for the first time over 2 years ago with Stacey and Jon, when they

spent their honeymoon in Europe and I really loved the shop. I think Mortimer, the shop owner, told

us back then that „Keirin Berlin“ opened a little before Trackstar in New York and therefore may be

the oldest trackbike shop.

And you can tell that this shop has been around for years – countless little pieces of „Keirin memorabilia“

can be found in the shop and some insane bikes from actual racers are hanging on the walls, including

an old Cinelli-tandem, which was ridden by GDR racers back in the day.


They have a number of old track- and original Keirin-frames in stock, I saw a nice looking „3Rensho“

sitting there for example and there was a „Diamant“ frame (GDR fame) hanging from the ceiling.

New frames, bags, parts, hats, some kits you name it – they have it all!

It is a great place and even if you don‘t want to buy something for your bike, you can always go

there for a coffee and buy a magazine.  Pictured below is Issue 1 of Fahrstil, a German cycling journal.


Next stop was „Goldsprint“ – unfortunately a little harder to find and quite a walk away from

Keirin Berlin. Shop-owner Alex had been busy blogging about Berlin’s fixed gear scene and after

building bikes for a number of friends he decided to start his own business.

Apparently he moved from his parents basement to the current showroom location about 2 months ago.

Since this place just opened this summer not a whole lot of things are in stock, but of course Alex

will order whatever you want. He sells brands like Veloheld, Leader bikes, some sick frames by polish

brand TenFour and has many BLB parts. He is also offering a custom made steel frame, handmade

in Europe from Columbus tubing, for around 700 Euros.


The next day I made it to Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg to check out Cicli Berlinetta. A friend told me about

it and I was expecting a lot, but what I saw there was even better! This shop is all about the beauty of

Italian bikes and components. They probably have well over a hundred vintage steel frames and bikes

hanging there – Chesini, Coppi, Colnago, De Rosa, Gios and the list goes on.


I have never seen this many beautiful frames in such great condition in one location before.

These guys also sell their own great looking custom made steel frames for either road or track.

And again this is all about Italy, so you can get their frames in a funky green-white-red colourway.


A „Cicli Berlinetta“ branded wheelset made from Ambrosio/Miche parts is also available in different

colours and available for 270 Euros.

Leaving the shop I sent Jon a text message saying „I just left the most amazing bike shop ever!“

Some more pictures can be found on the European Touches flickr.


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