Early Bluebird Ride & Paint the Track!
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Sunrise in Northwest ATL

This week we’ll be choosing from:

a) riding from the same start location to the Silver Comet Trail and then riding on the path until we’re halfway to our return time

b) riding SE of the city on country roads past the 3/4 county ride route (Swan Lake)

c) riding SW of the city through Cascade to the Silk Sheets route around Chattahoochee Hills towards Serenbe.

d) Or some other route. Votes Welcome!

Justin climbing

6am start, finish by sometime around 10 or sooner to head to the DLV to paint the track.

Ride Goals:

low traffic, quiet roads, preferably some decent scenery, and a steady pace, though everyone’s welcome to attack particularly on the hills as they see fit and then regroup. Flat to rolling terrain would be nice, too.

We’d like this to be an early morning alternative to Tucker. I’d like to call it the ‘Early Bluebird Ride’ or Bluebird Ride for short. See you at 6am!

More photos from the ride here, RSVP on Rapha Rendezvous or search #Bluebirdride on twitter.



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