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Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about 11 ways to think smartly about creativity back in 2015. I like her list:

1. 💓 If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.
2. 🤓 You’re not a genius, you have a genius.
3. 🔨 Make something, do something, do anything.
4. 😫 Stop complaining and get to work.
5. 😤 Frustration is not an interruption of the process, frustration is the process.
6. 💭 Let go of your fantasy of perfection.
7. 😨 You can’t get rid of fear, but do remember that fear is boring.
8. 🔎 If something is authentic enough, it will feel original.
9. 🎨 If you’re in the arts, you don’t need graduate school.
10. 💼 Creative fields make for crap careers.
11. 🤔 Curiosity is the truth and the way of creative living.

Which ones ring true for you? My favorites are 1, 4, 5 & 7!


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