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Hello! And happy new year! I kicked off 2021 by riding my bike far for fun.

Any long time readers would agree: this week wouldn’t be the 1st time sarcasm was used in the subject line. ; ) And those near to me know that I’ve been joking throughout December that 2021 would feel like a hangover from 2020. But, so far, it feels more like 2020 was a (bad) dream and we haven’t woke up from yet…

Well, after a welcome return to work & the first week of 2021, I decided to spend some time on a Saturday to get through my inbox’s last 2020 leftovers, and to me, shipping this issue feels like a real kick-off to the new year. And with a bike ride tomorrow, I’m back on track!


More below…

As always, thanks for reading!


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