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Hello from St. Pete, Florida!

Every trip I make here, I’m struck by the size of cars but also the size of food sold in stores, the number of Amazon delivery trucks, what feels like excess waste all over, and a general attitude towards consumption that has no bounds.

But this isn’t solely an American attitude. Sure, the USA has done its share to export its ‘bigger is better’ & instant gratification ideals but the consumer & corporate plight of spiralling carbon footprints & the ramifications thereof know no borders and we’re all in this together.

As many of you may know, the COP26 is currently being held in the UK and it is a chance to step up the de-carbonization commitments made during COP21 (the Paris Agreement) back in 2015. I came across this Goldman Sachs (lol, I know) report where they analyze five key themes of change they believe can drive progress:


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