Helping close deals
& spin wheels

What can we do for you?

We get you meetings or

show you how.

We deliver your brand’s

message to the right


We create content:

photos, videos

illustrations & graphics.


SALES Learn how to build targeted lists of ideal prospects, kickoff automated outbound campaigns and close more new deals. We can help up your sales game with turn-key appointment setting to close 1:1 coaching.


PUBLIC RELATIONS Your product or service deserves the right spotlight. We ensure your brand’s message reaches the maximum amount of people in a way that resonates with current & future fans of your brand.

CREATIVE Content catered to your needs or on the ground logistics to enable the perfect shoot production. Brand-centric photos and/or video during events, custom illustration & graphics are ways we help clients.


Increasingly, we help companies by leveraging our various strengths. For example, earning you press coverage can help with your sales strategy and great deals or partnerships can be quite newsworthy. Unique content is vital for both sales & PR.


Twotone Consulting was founded in 2014 by Jon Woodroof focusing on sales & PR. Typically, we earn our clients new business meetings and/or media mentions. In 2017, we began supporting clients with even more versatile deliverables ranging from video & photo content to brand strategy & creative design.


The name Twotone came from Jon’s nickname he earned in Atlanta in the early 2000’s as his clothes nearly always matched his bikes. Nowadays it refers to our two key tones of communications: Sales & PR.

Before founding Twotone, Jon sold to companies across industries like L&D/HR, App/Software Consulting, Translation and Localization and even B2C selling in the cycling industry back when he ran his own bike shop back in Atlanta.


Now closing in on beginning its 4th year, the team consists of four members: Jon, Michel Bovy, Guy van Koolwijk and Frank van der Sman.


Helping close deals and spin wheels since 2014.

Outbound Lead Generation at Scale


Sales Process Analysis & Improvement


Outsourced Appointment Setting


Go-To-Market Strategy


Trade Show Success


1:1 Sales Coaching, Workshops & Talks

Media Relations | Where Cycling & Tech Meet


Communications Planning & Messaging


Event Promotion, Planning & Implementation


Influencer Marketing & Social Media


Brand & Product Launches


Campaign Reporting & Analytics

Photo & Video Content & Production


Custom Illustrations & Graphics


Live Event Coverage & Recaps


Product Design Consulting


Copywriting & Translation


Brand Identity Positioning