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  • newsletter-no62

    Newsletter Nº62

    As some long-time readers may recall, this isn’t the first time I’ve penned an issue from a night train. Typically between Amsterdam and Munich, this edition is being prepared on the rails between Bregenz & Vienna. I’m en route to the 1st ever Vienna Bike......

  • newsletter-no61

    Newsletter Nº61

    Last week the team here at Twotone started with why. We sat down for an entire day with Ashley Usiskin and dug into why our company exists, how we go about our mission, and what exactly we do. This Golden Circle concept is familiar to......

  • newsletter-no60

    Newsletter Nº60

    This week I was inspired by a medium post that David Heinemeier Hansson recently wrote. If you don’t know @DHH, he is the creator of Ruby on Rails and Founder & CTO at Basecamp, formerly 37signals). As I used to sell Ruby on Rails consulting,......

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