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  • Newsletter Nº84

    I love a good metaphor. Can I draw a parallel from life in business to on the bike? What’s not to like? 😉 ‘Spin to win’, for example, can have a few connotations from gambling to gymnastics but in cycling, it’s all about high cadence.......

  • Newsletter Nº83

    “One of the key underlying principles of swear words is that they work as a sort of linguistic weapon which automatically triggers negative emotions in the brain of the listener,” – Philip Seargeant in a post on Strong Language, a blog dedicated to swearing cited......

  • Newsletter Nº82

    I just read about Earl Tate. He is a volunteer crossing guard that has made generations of kids smile in Wilmington, Delaware.   He has been watching over an intersection in northeast Wilmington every school day for 19 years. He does it for free, and......

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