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  • Newsletter Nº103

    This past weekend was the Schwarzwald Giro in the Black Forest. It was awesome. : ) This past weekend also was a grim spectacle of racial tension in the US. It was awful. : ( Nothing kills your vibe like watching your home country devolve......

  • Newsletter Nº102

    This may be the 3rd of 4th time I’ve written an issue from a train. Right now I’m sitting in an ICE en route to Freiburg for my 4th Schwarzwald Giro! Last years was so rad: jespergrundahl.exposure.co/schwarzwald-giro-2016 I’m stoked for two days of trying not......

  • Newsletter Nº101

    To “run what you brung” is an old racing term meaning racing what you rode to the race. Back in the late 1940s when servicemen came back from the war. They had no money for racing bikes, but they wanted to have fun. Hooligan racing......

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