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    Newsletter Nº39

    Jason Fried, Founder & CEO at Basecamp recently wrote a pretty opinionated Medium post saying that “Being tired isn’t a badge of honor”. Ok, but what about the health boons of skimping on sleep? Just kidding, sleep is super important. This is a frequent conversation......

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    Newsletter Nº38

    Almost broke the chain! I’m a few days over due from the regularly scheduled time but it is just my own deadline after all. Turns out, people miss their own deadlines a lot – there are even some fancy schmancy psychological reasons why it happens.......

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    Newsletter Nº37

    Staying organized is hard. I saw Noah Kagan speak at a Startup Riot in Atlanta I think. Dude is bombastic but on target. Check this amazing breakdown of how he gets shit done. (Hat tip newsletter for that one). As always, thanks for reading!......

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