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  • Newsletter Nº203

    Picture in banner from Bohemian Border Bash.   Hello! I’m bad at bike maintenance. (I like to start these newsletters with honesty and introspection, haha) I mean, I know how. I used to have a bike shop ; ) I actually like re-packing bearings, cleaning......

  • Newsletter Nº202

    Picture in banner from Further Race 2020.   Hey there, I’m still lingering on on my ~bi-weekly newsletter rhythm that the summer of 2020 demanded. Does anyone miss the weekly delivery?   More below… As always, thanks for reading! Get next week’s direct to your......

  • Newsletter Nº201

    Picture in banner from Further Race 2020.   It’s been 30 days since I last wrote. 🙈 In my defence, it has been one hell of a month for me personally. 😅   I got engaged, then two days later (two days before I said......

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