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  • Newsletter Nº184

    Picture in banner by Rikki Chan   Last issue had a time theme and the circular time vs. linear time link below follows that thread. But when I saw this list of questions passing by, I knew it’d be great to include them in a......

  • Newsletter Nº183

    Illustrations in banner by Julia Bernhard   I’ve written about finding time before. Back in Nº 86 was a good one! Recently, I’ve struggled with finding time for everything but am making training rides happen, proper sleep, quality time with my partner and our kids......

  • Newsletter Nº182

    Illustrations in banner by Adeline O’Moreau   Happy New Year! I’ll keep the intro short because the meat of this issue is at the end with my 500km ride recap.   More below… As always, thanks for reading! Get next week’s direct to your inbox!......

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