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  • Newsletter Nº233

    Picture in banner is called ‘Earthrise’ by Astronaut Bill Anders taken during one of NASA’s Apollo missions.   Hello! This week’s subject line was inspired by a sticker in a bike shop bathroom that likely alluded to not mountain biking on muddy trails or maybe......

  • Newsletter Nº232

    Picutre in banner from The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive volume 2.   Hello from St. Pete, FL! How was your Monday? I’m here for my final trip of 2021 to see my kids & work from my favorite local cafe while the kids are in school.......

  • Newsletter Nº231

    T-shirt design in banner by Kike Molares.   Hello! Good evening from Amsterdam! I spend a large portion of my afternoon battling a clogged kitchen sink and emerged victorious without using any toxic drano stuff. That was preceded by fuzzed-out band room jamming on Friday......

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